11:16 AM


Just a quick note to say my blog is moving! New address:
Come by and see me there. I've made some changes which should be fun!

12:07 PM

Lightbox fun

The other day I was playing around with photographing random household objects in my lightbox. This is one of my favorites! One of Adam's black and white espresso cups. I framed it so the white interior would merge with the white of the box.

11:36 AM

Photo of the Week

Well, it's not Friday, but we're close. In honor of valentines day I've chosen this picture taken in our backyard last summer. Have a Happy Valentines Day!

1:50 PM

Tulip Photo Shoot

A few days ago I was admiring the form of a dying tulip from Jasmine's birthday bouquet. It had such a beautiful simplicity of form that I decided I had to take pictures of it. I had so much fun that I had to force myself to stop b/c I was taking the same pictures over again! After playing around with them a bit (I've been experimenting with custom blends for black and white) here are a few samples.

Full color beauty.


Purity of form

Stunning in half color

Behind the scenes

11:09 AM

Photo of the Week

I have decided to make Friday "Photo of the Week" day. Heather and I were taking pictures of the birds frolicking in the sunshine the other day and I particularly liked this cardinal.
So, here is this week's photo!

7:36 PM

Pop Art

Today I thought I'd post my newest art form. I've been experimenting with heavy editing of my photos to transform them into a totally different type of art. Here are a few of my favorite and most successful results so far.

11:25 AM


Hi! Just a quick note to say I'm sponsoring a giveaway on the maternal sparks blog.
Click HERE to enter to win 3 photo cards! Happy fall.